(52) Molly Visits the Italian Alps

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Miss Molly is visiting her Uncle Bernard in the Italian Alps for the Holidays. She hitched a ride with Santa on his way back to the North Pole. The reindeer openly accepted Molly into their reindeer games—proof that anyone can be accepted into any social circle regardless of race, species, or color–after all, have you ever seen a reindeer with big yellow spots, floppy ears, and a plumed tail? The reindeer convinced Santa that transporting Molly did not violate any international law, public access rule, or the Canine Species Relief Act.

Molly will return to her blogging on Tuesday, December 30—just in time to create her list of New Year’s Resolutions.

We at the Molly Blog Team hope you had a blessed Christmas. We look forward to spending 2015 with you, our fellow veterans, family caregivers, and friends.

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Dr. Penelope “Penny” Culbreth-Graft is a retired city manager and graduate professor. She lives with her disabled Vietnam Veteran husband, William, and his service dog, Molly, on Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. She writes, paints, cares for her husband, and spends time with her grandchildren.