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Dogwatch.com offers a list of the most popular names for dogs. Molly ranks #7. Dogwatch conducted a social media survey to craft this summary:

1.      Bella

2.      Lucy

3.      Max

4.      Daisy

5.      Bailey

6.      Buddy

7.      Molly

8.      Charlie

9.      Maggie

10.   Sadie

Dogwach.com made a list of popular names by breed of dog. Since German Shepherds and Labradors/Golden Retrievers are popular breeds for service dogs, I’ll share their breeds’ most popular names. For the German Shepherd, Max is tops. For the Lab or Golden Retriever, Bailey is #1. From Miss Molly’s perspective, Rocky is the top service dog name, as she has several friends with that name even though it does not make this list.

Vetstreet.com commented that Bella, Daisy, and Lucy are top dog names for females. Bella made #1 in 2006 when the first book of the Twilight series reached publication. Bella has remained #1 ever since. Max is the #1 male canine name and has been #1 for nine years.

Vetstreet lists the top ten dog names by gender. Molly moved to #5 when pulling out male names. Vetstreet.com conducted its survey from a database of nearly one million dogs for 2014. Most other websites use Vetstreet’s list. With such a large database, clearly Vetstreet is the best, most accurate site for pup names. Here’s its top ten list:

Female Names Male Names
1.      Bella

2.      Daisy

3.      Lucy

4.      Sadie

5.      Molly

6.      Lola

7.      Sophie

8.      Zoey

9.      Luna

10.   Chloe

1.      Max

2.      Charlie

3.      Rocky

4.      Buddy

5.      Cooper

6.      Duke

7.      Bear

8.      Zeus

9.      Bentley

10.   Toby

Naming your service dog or new pet can be fun although for most of us, our service dogs already bear the name given to them by the trainer or previous owner. So many well-trained service dogs began Molly's facetheir adult life as rescue animals already named. Once the dog is trained with a name, it is difficult to rename the dog without adding confusion to his/her training. We thought Molly fit her name with her red hair and freckles.

As for the most unusual of names, William named one of his dogs Dog (pronounced Do-jè, as in D – O – G). Our other dogs were named Fritz, Jake, Bridgett, and Tigger. As for cats, we’ve had Dandy Lyon, Rachmaninoff, Mozart (Moses for short), Sassy, Lucy, and, of course, Morris. Our big birds bore the names Zelda, Dakota, and Sammy.

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