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Our last four Molly Blogs explored an intense saga about a grab of Veterans’ land in California. Molly and I thought something lighthearted might be in order this week. Since November begins a season of thanksgiving, today we are sharing celebrations in the month of November. First, let’s start with the well-known days and then Molly will share the quirky ones.

November 1 – All Saints Day. This is a Catholic holiday to honor the Saints.

November 2 – All Souls Day. This is time to celebrate our dearly departed, who were faithful in service to our Lord.

November 3 – Election Day

November 11 – VETERANS DAY and also Remembrance Day in Canada

November 16 – Revolution Day in Mexico

November 19 – Great American Smokeout. Sponsored by the American Cancer Society, this day challenges people to stop using tobacco.

November 26 – Thanksgiving

November is Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, National Diabetes Month, National Family Caregivers Month, Home Care & Hospice Month, and National Peanut Butter Lovers Month.

Quirky Recognition Days in November

The odd and quirky recognition days are brought to you by mentalfloss.com.

November 2 – National Plan your Epitaph Day. This is a day to consider what you want your legacy to be and what you want said about you on your grave marker.

November 3 – Sadie Hawkins Day. Named after the daughter of a man, who feared his homely daughter would never marry. He planned a race to allow his daughter to chase down unmarried men. If she caught one before they crossed the finish line, the man she caught would have to marry her.

November 4 – King Tut Day. This day commemorates the day Howard Carter and his crew discovered the entrance to King Tut’s tomb.

November 5 – How about Bonfire Night? The United Kingdom celebrates the foiling of a plot by Guy Fawkes in 1605 to blow-up Parliament. The UK celebrates with fireworks and bonfires. Also referred to as the Gunpowder Plot, the government discovered the diabolic plan, which included large amounts of gunpowder being planted in cellars under the Houses of Parliament in London.

November 6 – National Saxophone Day. Shouldn’t every instrument have its own day? This day celebrates the invention of the saxophone in 1846 by Belgian instrument-maker, Adolphe Sax.

November 7 – International Tongue Twister Day. Studying Chinese, it seems everything is a tongue twister; however, every language has its own version of the tongue twister. What is your favorite one?

November 15 – Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. Enough said!

November 18 – Use Less Stuff Day. This one can benefit our Veterans if we clean out what we do not use or need and call the Vietnam Veterans of America at 855-663-5256 or your favorite charity for pick up.

November 19 – World Toilet Day. The day is really better than it sounds. This is an official day that began in 2001 to recognize the importance of proper sanitation to good health. Not every country is blessed like we are with indoor plumbing. Ask one of our Veterans or Warriors and you will hear incredible stories of need in third world countries.

November 19 – International Men’s Day. We honor our men and boys on this day (the same day as World Toilet Day???) with the 2015 theme focusing on men’s health. So many of our Veterans are male that we must pause for a moment to honor them.

November 22 – National Day of Listening. This day honors teachers so be sure to thank the teachers in your life. Mentalfloss.com suggests that we commemorate this day by “recording interviews in Veteran’s hospitals, senior centers, homeless shelters, and community centers.”

November 28 – Red Planet Day. Mars is the topic of this day with suggestions that Earthlings will one day colonize this planet. This is a day for everything red.

November 29 – National Square Dance Day. Did you know that 19 states in the US declared square dancing as their official dance?

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your partner and go celebrate. Be sure to give thanks for the freedom to do so—courtesy of America’s Veterans and our Military.

Molly’s Pick

On Friday, Miss Molly and William will share with you their pick of celebration/recognition days.

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