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As a child, I watched my mother darn socks for the five of us kids. She used what looked like a chicken drumstick made of wood to mend quickly. Inserting it into the sock, she whipped stitches in a crisscross fashion, using the drumstick darner to prevent sewing her finger or the other side of the sock into the mend.

This week, I read a story about a stocking far too large to mend. Could it be a Christmas stocking perhaps, as a darner inside one of those would be useless? Actually, this sock is even grander than the traditional stocking that hangs by the fireplace. Although it technically qualifies as a Christmas stocking, this is one that St. Nicolas likely will not fill with toys or candy.

Caron United reveals the world's largest Christmas stockingChildren of Fallen Patriots Foundation teamed up last year with Caron United to construct a 1,600 pound knitted and crocheted Christmas stocking constructed of 1,260 blankets made by 830 donors. The stocking covers 7,663 square feet with a width of 74.5 feet and a length of 139 feet. Confirmed officially by Guinness, the stocking won the World Record as the world’s largest Christmas stocking. While the stocking itself is cool enough, the project benefits the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. Every skein of yarn sold during the past year earned 15 cents of donation from Caron United to this organization that serves military families, who lost a father or mother in service to our country.

Caron United raised $100,000 for the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation!

Take a peek at the stocking and view how Guinness measured the stocking for the record book.

How will one ever find a wooden chicken leg big enough to darn this darn stocking?

About the Organization

The focus of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is to provide college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who lost a parent in the line of duty. The organization’s goal is to bridge the gap in educational expenses to ensure that no child of a fallen patriot pays anything out-of-pocket for college or needs to take out a loan for secondary education.

The governing board pays for all of the organization’s administrative expenses so that 100 percent of donations go to funding the children’s education, according to the website. All donations are tax deductible.

If you or someone you know is the family of a fallen patriot in need of college funding, you can find enrollment information on the organization’s website.

Miss Molly Advisory

As with any non-profit organization, please do your due diligence before donating, as we have noMolly entangled in yarn personal experience with the organization other than news of this amazing project. Miss Molly tried knitting a stocking square to donate but she never could get the woof of it. It’s bad enough having to untangle a Saint Bernard from her leash in the snow—could you image having to untangle her from a ball of yarn?

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Photo credits: Christmas stocking courtesy of Yarnspirations Blog at http://blog.yarnspirations.com/the-worlds-biggest-knitcrochet-stocking/ as retrieved on December 14, 2015; pculbrethgraft for Molly pics

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