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177: Taps: Saying Goodbye to Miss Molly

176 Sunset: Call to Retreat

175 Reveille Roust: Our Wake-up Call

174 Old Friends: A VA Meet Up

173 ADA Trumps a Sneeze: Service Dogs and Allergies

172 Girls Don’t Like Bologna: Military Sexual Trauma

171 Even a Bird: Ultimate Hope for Veterans and Their Families

170 Service Dog Frauds

169 Behind the Walls: The Corrosive Nature of PTSD

168 Honoring Vietnam Veterans–50 Years Later

167 Mashed Potato News: For Veterans and Their Caregivers

166 Psychedelic High without Drugs: Dog Art

165 Extravert, Introvert, or Controvert: All Types of People and Dogs

164 Greyhound Bus or Greyhound Dog–Which One Loves the Veteran?

163 Cranium and Body Slams: Polytrauma System of Care

162 Running Backwards: Part V of “Gimme Back My Land”

161 In the Hot Zone: VA Working to Restore Trust

160 Zap Me, Baby: Healing the VA

159 Robodog: The Ultimate Service Animal

158 A Goodie Bag for Veterans: Mashing Up the Best

157 What’s in your Tummy? CTs, Ultrasounds, and MRIs

156 Discover Something Wonderful in 2016

155 Not Another Year: Exchanging Despair for a Goal

154 Merry Christmas to Miss Molly’s Readers

153 Sweet and Sour Candy Canes: The Happy and Sad Sides of Christmas

152 Untangle: Donate your Brain

151 Darn that Stocking: Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation

150 Feeling the Love: Another Trip to the VA

149 When Terror Reigns

148 Ten Dogs of December

147 When Danger Nears: VA’s Unique Role in National Tragedy

146 Bedraggled: Care for the Family Caregiver

145 There Goes the ‘Hood: Aliens for Thanksgiving

144 Unexpected Blessings: Molly Raids the Grandma Bag

143 Even the Dog has a Job: Employment for Veterans

142 The American Veteran–A Gift that Keeps Giving

141 A Veterans Day Special

140 Zero: 2016 Initiative–Communities Banding Together to End Veteran Homelessness

139 Entering a Season of Thanksgiving

138 Gotta Have a Plan (Part IV of Gimme Back my Land)

137 Going, Going, Gone . . . (Part III of Gimme Back my Land)

136 The Big Land Grab: How Veterans Lost Their Land (Part II of Gimme Back my Land)

135 Part I – Gimme Back my Land: Veterans Fight to Regain Donated Land

134 Wandering Without Purpose: Team Rubicon Offers Purpose

133 Got Flu, Forgot Shot?

132 Orange Clash: The Veteran and Toxic Exposure

131 Just for Fun: Top Dog Names

130 Boomer to Boomer: Caregiver Tools for Managing Veteran Medications

129 Reunited and Feeling Good: Veteran Recovers Stolen Service Dog

128 Veterans and Service Animals in the News

127 So a Pig, a Fish, and an Iguana Go Into a Restaurant . . .

126 When Microchipping Doesn’t Help: POW/MIA

125 In Search of #iTreasure: Talking to Veterans with Disabilities

124 Nightmares and Invading Aliens: PTSD, Sleep, and ET

123 Click those Double Dewclaws: Army Cyber Command

122 From Foxtail to No Bail: Battle Cry of the VVA

121 Give the Dog a Bone: Treating Veterans with Donations

120 No Atheists in Foxholes

119 Loving our Veterans: Volunteering with the VA

118 No Doghouse to Call Home: The Veteran and Homelessness

117 When is Enough, Enough? Limits to our Suffering

116 Like Pulling Teeth: Dental Care for the Veteran and the Service Dog

115 Fickle, Pickles, and Tickles: Veterans’ Choice and Puppy Love

114 Part II – The Dog’s on the Trail: Findings of an Important PTSD Study

113 Digging Up Bones: Findings of an Important PTSD Study

112 Reason to Celebrate: Another Legal Victory for Veterans and their Service Dogs

111 To the Rescue

110 Individual Unemployability Benefit under Attack

109 Nuke Me, Baby: The Veteran and Radiopharmaceuticals

108 Why Wait and Weight?

107 Part II: Back to ‘Back to School’ and Myth Busting

106 When Reason is an Excuse: Busting the Myths about Going Back to School

105 Hard Won Independence

104 Schools are not just for Fish and Dogs: The Joy of Education and Going Back to School

103 Part II: Interview with Veteran Jeffrey Crockett

102 A Special Treat that is Better than a Dog Bone: Introducing Veteran Jeffrey Crockett and His Service Dog, Phineas

101 Brain Scramble: Finding Peace with PTSD and TBI

100 Tie-Dye Guy: Making Friends with Veterans

99 Attention Disabled Veterans: Don’t Take the Train

98 Ashes to Ashes: Always Honor the Warrior

97 Molly Takes a Road Trip

96 PTSD Awareness: Getting Help for your PTSD

95 Just As You Are

94 VA to Study Benefits of Service Dogs

93 Service Dog for a Day

92 Speak Life