50 Fun Things To Do With Your Disabled Veteran

This is a printer-friendly version of 50 Fun Things To Do With Your Disabled Veteran that ran in November 2014 as part of Caregivers Month. This is the same document that ran in two parts in Blog #38 and Blog #40. Click on the link below for a PDF copy of all 50 ideas!

Fun things to do with a veteran



2 thoughts on “50 Fun Things To Do With Your Disabled Veteran

  1. Aliya

    this vet would rather take a btiaeuful redhead to lunch. I and other vets appreciate the thought but we would rather enjoy the freedoms our services has bought us. We would do it again and again just to have these freedoms. NEVER SURRENDER THESE FREEDOMS!!!!! We will NEVER surrender them as long as one of us are alive. Just help us protect the freedoms all vets like myself and others have pledged our lives to defend. We must never fail! We Will never fail.

    • Penelope Culbreth-Graft Post author

      Well said. Thank you for reading Miss Molly’s blog and for your comment. Because of your service and that of others, we do have amazing freedoms. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Because of individuals like you, we are free!


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