Writing Samples

I love to write—all types of fiction and non-fiction. For my career, I was relegated to writing academic and professional articles, staff reports, and letters. Because reading my academic articles, staff reports, and letters would not be much fun, I am only presenting my fiction and  non-fiction (Christian) writing with two exceptions:  (1) a paper I presented at an Indian Sovereignty forum in San Diego and (2) a published article on successful police pursuits (because that one was just plain fun). The reason I included the Indian article is that many people ask me about working for an Indian Nation and want to understand Indian Sovereignty. If you are curious, you will want to read the technical paper, “Tribal Government:  Managing Indian Nations in the 21st Century.”

 All of the articles are pdf files so the pictures will translate without jumping all over. I have grouped the articles by publication (or related publication) and titled them as follows:

                 Democracy at the Doorstep, Too!

                “Adventures of an American Girl”

                 “An Honorable Call”

                 “Women Leading Government and How the Legacy of Women Helping Women Began”

                  “Pitch Black Terror” (this article relates to “Adventures of an American Girl”)

                 Indian Gaming

                “University Forum Educates Non-Indians”

                “Tribal Government:  Managing Indian Nations in the 21st Century” (this article relates to “University Forum Educates Non-Indians”)


                “Reluctant Recruit”

                 Western City

                “Successful Pursuits: Huntington Beach Police Vehicle Training Reduces Liability and Saves Lives”